It’s Snow

Yesterday I hiked up a mountain in the Victorian Alps with a younger friend. It’s not really a mountain when compared to other countries but for me,  it was big enough.

Ominously, it’s called Mount Terrible.

The adventure started Thursday night at Warburton’s hotel, the Alpine Retreat.  Below is the main street of Warburton taken early Friday morning.



The Alpine Retreat has a Trivia contest on Thursday nights run by David Goding. Below is a photo of David going over submitted answers.  It’s thirsty work.


Then Friday morning . . . . the climb.

I’m getting on in years and it was a struggle. Half way up, I pulled a muscle in my right leg and found the rest of the climb very difficult. As a result I did not take many photos on the way to the summit. . . . I was preoccupied with pain.

But after a few hours of dragging my crook leg and old body up a rocky track, we came close to the summit and snow.


The conditions were perfect with blue skies and little wind. The view to nearby mountains was superb.



Fortunately, walking down from the summit on another track was slightly easier and I discovered that different muscles are used when one descends. This was a positive. Going down there were marvelous views of the late afternoon sun.


I will do more hiking with my “so called” friend but with conditions.

Nothing over 10 – 12 KM and no more mountains.

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