Full of Culture – Chockers

Today was my last planed day of birding. I visited the RSPB Arne reserve and picked up two new species. That’s 86 for the trip and that’s most likely the lot. It is acceptable but 100 would have been nice.

But first, outside my window at Swanage.

My Swanage accommodation is very good, it’s not a hostel but a fancy large hotel. There is also a pub down the road with vegetarian food. A nice way to end a trip.

Arne Reserve had a forest of Silverbirch, which were very neat but no new birds in there   😦

The photo above is a habitat classified as Heath and it generally doesn’t grow over 300 – 500 mm in height. My bag on the left demonstrates the height of the vegetation. I was lucky to see and identify Wood Lark here, which was good. It took a bit of research.
And now for the Culture.

Nearby Swanage are some castle ruins. I know when I return,  people are going to ask about churches and castles, so I figured I had better see at least one castle, or at least the ruins of a castle.

It’s called Corfe Castle and it’s more than 1,000 years old.  There’s not much left now but what is left is in a great location.  Top of a hill and a pretty little village nearby.

The two little Rectangle holes at the bottom of the wall is where the effluent leaves the castle. . .Yuck !

This is the nearby village where the people who serviced the castle lived. Some of the houses have thatched roofs.  There are very narrow streets and lots of tourists wandering around eating ice creams.

Last but not least, a tour group being led by a local. I hung about to pick up any hints on life back when the castle was a going concern but he, (the guide) wasn’t much good and the people were Americans. Need I say more.

But the sky was wonderful, the grass is bright green and ruins look inspiring.  Pity about the people.

That’s it for today and maybe the entire trip. For those reading, I hope you enjoyed my ramblings.

I return the car tomorrow, catch a train to London, spend a night there and fly out the next day.

It’s been a real adventure with great days, wet days, confusing roads, patient and hospitable people, inspiring reserves and brand new species of birds.

Oh . . . and it was chockers with culture.

Thanks for your comments and  Hasta La Vista . . . babies.

3 thoughts on “Full of Culture – Chockers

  1. Thanks Mal for your trip photos, I know the readings I have had of Corfe Castle that the people captured and sent there did not enjoy the harshness or remote surroundings. Safe travels home and we must catch up soon. Gail.


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