Up Up and Away

The weather cleared and Par Avion was ready to fly me to Melaleuca. There is a second airport at Hobart for smaller commercial flights.

This is not the plane we flew in but it’s a similar model.

Plane Leaving Hobart

Things are pretty basic at Melaleuca which includes the airstrip.


Arriving at Melaleuca

Plane at Mel

The first objective of the trip was to “tick” Oranage-bellied Parrot (OBP) from my list and so after setting up my tent I visited the two bird hides established to monitor the OBP.

The flash looking bird hide on the left also doubles as a museum. The feeding station for the OBP is on the right

Bird Hide and feeding platform

A smaller and less flash looking bird hide

Smaller bird hide

A volunteer monitoring the parrots.

Volunteer on scope

The two Orange-bellied Parrots


Feed back from the volunteers is there are more OBP this year than last year but it’s still less than 50. Most of the birds have a band to distinguish the captive bred birds from those that are wild but I did see one bird without any bands.



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