Time to Spare in Hobart

With my flight to Melaleuca cancelled due to poor visibility, (I appreciate delaying the landing of a plane in fog, especially when I’m in it) I visited the Hobart Botanical Gardens and the museum, among other places.

Above is the veggie garden frequently used by Peter Cundall on Gardening Australia. Those of you who watch Gardening Australia will know what I mean.

Those of you don’t . . . tough.

There is also a small building in the Bot Gardens not dissimilar to a refrigerator. It is kept at a very low temperature and contains plants found on subantarctic islands. It’s a great idea but it just doesn’t quite work. I believe it is too small and a little tacky.

Nevertheless less the gardens are nice. I added many birds to my list and saw a Brown Bandicoot. I didn’t get a picture of the little treasure.

At the museum I found one of the main reasons for visiting Tasmania. An Orange-bellied Parrot. This little guy was stuffed but it’s still good to practice finding them. Being stuffed, glued to a perch and in a glass box does help.

Below is a great representation of the amount of rain that falls on the west coast of Tasmania. It’s worth tapping/clicking on the image to read the rainfall amounts. Very impressive when you consider Melbourne receives on average 650 mm per year.

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