Much more Birding in London

It’s day two of my trip to Great Britain birding and whilst I can’t promise a post every day. . . I do have something for today’s efforts. 

After waking at 3:00 am. . . I eventually organised myself to spend most of the day birding at Hyde Park and an unexpected visit to The Regent’s Park.

But first, below is a shot of where I’m staying. It’s the Youth Hostel in Earl’s Court. 

And a closer view.

It looks old on the outside and it seems older on the inside.
Hyde Park is rather large and today I virtually walked around it. There are expansive lawned areas and many old and large trees.

I walked around most of the lake, (The Serpentine) and added a few more birds to my list of 33. If you’re into keeping a birding list in either Australia or Great Britain, try 

Of note was Mandarin Duck, a truely beautiful duck that I’ve admired for many years. 

I also saw some very cute signets, (swan chicks). Mute swan are the most common swan in Great Britain.

I met another bird watcher who suggested I visit The Regent’s Park. It was quite warm today and there were many people paying a visit to this park.

It’s attraction seems to be the water birds of which there are many. A lot are Hybrids and difficult to identify.

It seems the English park managers are also trying to protect habitat for wildlife and do so by fencing areas, thereby allowing brambles and other natives to flourish. It’s strange to see Blacberry and Hawthorn being protected.

I’m expecting it to rain tomorrow but I will make an effort to visit some of the usual tourist spots. I saw one today known as the Marble Arch.  It’s been moved from its original position a bit like the Yellow Peril of Melbourne.

2 thoughts on “Much more Birding in London

  1. London is interesting and exciting until you’re stuck on the tube with your nose pressed into the next person’s armpit on a miserable winter morning. Don’t forget to visit the British Museum.

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