Scenery of Melaleuca and Cox Bight

The scenery of the Tasmanian South West is stunning. Not many people visit the region as the only way in and out is to walk, fly or boat it.

Following are general photos and videos I took on my short stay, (clicking on links will direct you to my cloud storage site).

View of nearby ranges at Melaleuca.

General Scenery 1

Sunset over landing strip at Melaleuca.

General Scenery 2

Old tin mine which is now abandoned.

Abandoned tin mine


Walker’s hut at Melaleuca.

Walker Huts

Tasmania’s south west gets a lot of rain. Mosses and fungi are everywhere.

Moss and Fungi

Lichen and moss on a small tree.

Moss Lichen

Trigger plants on the track to Cox Bight.

Small Trigger Plants

A visitor to my tent, Mrs Tasmanian Pademelon.


Mrs Pademelon and her Joey.

Pademilon and Joey

A couple of videos below:

Video of Button Plains here

Video of Flying Home here




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