September at the Terrick Terrick National Park

Once again I visited the Terrick Terrick National Park recently to help with a research project involving grassland bird species. However, there is more to these grasslands than birds. Much more.


The Red Swainsonia (Swainsonia playiotropis) is a rare native pea species found in these grasslands.


Another Pea species, Broughton Pea, (Swainsonia procumbens).

Another rare species that I haven’t seen before:


Annual Buttons (Leptorhynchos scabrous).


The Annual Buttons with a keen conservationist in the background.


Mark Antos is also taking photographs of the Annual Buttons.

 Terricks Spotlighting for birds Sept 13 4

 Returning to the ute without a grassland bird. A bird in the hand is worth more than two in the Terrick Terrick grasslands.

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