Fairies in my Garden

I have Fairies in my Garden. They are are Pink Fairies

They are a common and slender little native orchid (Caladenia latifolia) that are found in many regions around Australia

As many of you will know, Judy and I have an indigenous garden and one of the plants I adore are our Pink Fairies. Every year I look forward to our Pink Fairies putting up their single leaf around June-July and shortly after a pink flower.

But this year a remarkable thing has occurred. A Pink Fairy has appeared in a pot plant on our decking.

The Pot Plant contains a Ficus and below is a photograph of the Pot Plant.

Ficus with Caladenia latifolia in pot


The Pink Fairy in the pot looks like this.

Close of Caladenia latifolia in Ficus pot

In wild they currently look like this.

Caladenia latifolia 2013 before flowering

Our Pink Fairies will be flowering soon. I hope the Pink Fairy in the Pot Plant flowers.

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