Flinders Street Melbourne, 2013

My father is from a very small town in north central Victoria called Mitiamo.

His first trip to Melbourne was around 1940, after he had just enlisted in the airforce and was about to be shipped off to Darwin to help repair planes that were damaged.

One interesting comment he makes about his first trip to Melbourne was his amazement at the the number of rail lines leading into Flinders Street Station.

Below is a photograph of that area taken yesterday (16th January 2013).

The rail lines are still there, most likely with a few additions but there would no doubt be more additions to the skyline. The Tennis Centre was not there and the MCG was 16 years away from the 1956 Olympics and glass hotels and apartments would be considered impossible to make. The Citilink tollway, (right) running across the rail lines would have been considered science fiction.

I live south of Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula and whilst I seldom venture into Melbourne, when I do, even I am reminded of it’s changes over time.

Pano_MCG & Tennis centre 1

One thought on “Flinders Street Melbourne, 2013

  1. The daily sound of trains traversing the northern plains, marked the passage of time, in a quiet, uncluttered landscape.
    The labyrinth leading into Flinders Street Station would have been a cultural shock.


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