Puffing Billy

I have lived in or nearby Melbourne my entire 54 years but it was only a couple of weekends ago I rode on the Puffing Billy.

Now as it happens, I love stream engines and actually completed a boiler attendant course at the old RMIT many (many) years ago, so the Puffing Billy is special to me.

The event was Nina and Paul’s wedding and I took some photographs with my trusty iphone. I hope you like them. Personally, I like the last shot but I do like iphone photographs at night.

Getting up a head of steam? No waiting for the bride.


Here comes the Bride.


Steam is like blood to a steam engine.


Inside the Puffing Billy is Adam. I’ve known him since he was young. Actually, he’s still young :-/


Back at Belgrave, close to midnight and the Puffing Billy is about to go to sleep but there is still some life force left.


Thanks Puff, Nina and Paul    X


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