Lockington is unique

Mark and I visited Lockington last weekend for breakfast. Turns out the cafe called the “Providore on Hopetoun” can match it with most inner Melbourne venues.

But Lockington is also unique because it has an irrigation channel flowing down the main street. A great little town with a population of 400 people. There are no traffic jams in Lockington but you do need bathers to cross the main street.

2 thoughts on “Lockington is unique

  1. First time visitors to Venice often remark on its similarity to Lockington. Avoid jet lag, keep a light carbon footprint, see the real thing first !!

  2. We are very proud of Josh and The Providore on Hopetoun, wonderful food and service, not too mention the ambiance, my daughters have worked all over Australia in the hospitality industry and they love coming home to Locky and The Providore.


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