Once a tree, then a mast and now covered by a weed

I’ve been busy of late which has reduced by ability to post things. It’s getting close to summer and my involvement with Hooded Plovers is taking up much of my time, see www.hoodedplover.com

In the mean time, the photograph below is a tree cut down a long time ago. The woodcutters used planks to get higher on the tree, don’t ask me why. Probably to get above the knotty wood and where the cutting would be easier. Hence the slot on the side of the stump, that’s where the plank was placed.

The area where the photograph was taken is called Mast Gully in the Dandenong Ranges. The tree most likely became a mast for a square rigger. Now it’s covered in ivy. The mast is productive but the ivy is just a shame.

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