Graffiti, art, vandalism, social media or what?

I believe this rock is known as Elephant Rock. I have known it for only 5 – 10 years but in that time it has had many changes. It’s now getting more attention than previously.

Some could say it’s a bit like social media for people driving by but where will it end?

Will it ever become formal, with the user requiring a permit to paint on it?

Are there a series of photographs taken of elephant rock over the years?

We shall see but for now, this is it.

One thought on “Graffiti, art, vandalism, social media or what?

  1. I have also been past this rock, not sure if it looked like this when I did, It would be interesting to post the ever changing faces of the rock.
    I am sure it has become a bit of an ikon of the area.


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