Mistnetting results from the 18th of June

Only two birds last month but this month, 24 and lots of retraps, (more than half of the birds caught)

Results as follows:

10 Superb Fairy Wren, of which 8 were retraps. (3y 7 m, 5y 5m, 1y 8m, 4m, 2y 1m, 2y 10m, 5y 4m, 4m)
5 White-browed Scrub Wren, of which 3 were retraps, (8 m, 2y 2m, 4m)
4 Brown Thornbill of which 1 was a retrap, (2y 2m)
3 Eastern Spinebill (no retraps)
1 White-plumed H/E (no retraps)
1 Eastern Yellow Robin which was a retrap (1y 10m)

These are pretty good results for Braeside. It’s good to get a few birds but the retraps are very interesting. It’s not uncommon to get a swag of retraps in one go and also for some to be old. Two Superb Fairy Wrens were over 5 years which is a good indication the population should survive in an isolated remnant, especially considering what they have been through during the past drought. Whilst the Spinebills would have been passing through, the Eastern Yellow Robin is more than likely home.

Some of the past revegetation projects in the Heathland are also looking pretty good, no doubt due to recent rain. The coming breeding season for birds in Braeside’s Heathland will be important and interesting to monitor. Feel free to join us at the next session which will be on the 13th of August. Be there at first light and bring a chair.

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